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  1. idealizations of growth family and relationship
    the ideal of growth makes us feel stunted; the ideal family makes us feel crazy … We have these idealizations that make us feel crazy, even though
    #family #relationship #expectations
  2. personal names in tribal societies
    It’s an interesting, very significant detail that in the tribal societies, which we think have the least individuality, people have the most
    #mononym #culture #individuality
  3. Hillman - an artist of psychology
    re-visioning writing about psychology; style and imagination are method; empiricism has it’s own style and need not be taken literally on it’s own
    #artist #imagination #empiricism #phenomenology
  4. soul and psychological ideas for imaginal world
    Hillman likes the word soul it eludes reductionistic definition; it expresses the mystery of human life; and it connects psychology to religion,
    #imagination #fantasies
  5. therapy mistakes knowing precedes doing
    emotions are mainly social, they connect to the world … therapy introverts the emotions calls fear “anxiety” …, and you work on it inside yourself.
    #cartesian #therapeutic #philosophical
  6. repressing processing ore of imagination
    creative artists are simply models of people who turn to the imagination to work with things. That’s why one needs to read the biographies of
    #artist #imagination #traumatic #therapeutic #consumerism #fantasies
  7. psychotherapy pushes people into forced false normality
    the conviction that psychotherapy needs desperately to push past the boundaries of its accepted ideas; it needs a new wildness before it’s co-opted
    #normalcy #therapeutic
  8. psychotherapy denies soul in things
    psychotherapy is only working on that “inside” soul removing the soul from the world and not recognizing that the soul is also in the world … having
    #cartesian #worldly #relationship #therapeutic
  9. psychotherapy assumption processing traumas
    our assumption, our fantasy, in psychoanalysis has been that we’re going to process, we’re going to grow, and we’re going to level things out so
    #fantasies #culture #therapeutic
  10. therapy wordly skills and power
    what you learn in therapy is mainly feeling skills, how to really remember, how to let fantasy come, how to find words for invisible things, how to
    #therapeutic #memory #fantasies #intelligence
  11. therapy investigates aggravetes abuse
    Therapy might imagine itself investigating the immediate social causes, even while keeping its vocabulary of abuse and victimization — that we are
    #therapeutic #society #traumatic #memory
  12. self-sufficient villages not families
    for thousands of year’s no family was self-sufficient, each - a working unit, a part of the larger working unit, which was the community. Tribes and
    #family #coliving #community #ludens #relationship
  13. memory is a form of fiction
    any journalist or cop can tell you, if you talk to several different people about an event they all witnessed or participated in, you’ll have
    #journalism #fiction #imagination
  14. individual neighbours separated actual self
    family I won’t accept these simple opposites—either individual self in control or a totalitarian , mindless mob. This kind of fantasy keeps us
    #family #authority #community #dionysian
  15. history is our causality developmental psychology
    the principal content of developmental psychology: what happened to you earlier is the cause of what happened to you later. That’s the basic theory:
    #therapeutic #cartesian #scientism #memory
  16. convivo ergo sum
    The idea of self has to be redefined. Even if this inner divine is disguised as a self-steering, autonomous, homeostatic, balancing mechanism; or
    #cartesian #theology #community #imagination
  17. changeless parts of psyche and pseudoskins
    shedding pseudoskins, crusted stuff that you’ve accumulated, dead wood, things that don’t work anymore, things that don’t keep you alive. Sets of
  18. acorn figures inner people
    what matters is that you have an acorn in you, you are a certain person, and that person begins to appear early in your life, but it’s there all the
    #family #outformation
  19. work at personal relationship and love
    Another thing that therapy pushes is “relationship . You think you’re going to die if you’re … not being in a significant, long-lasting, deep
    #relationship #loneliness #belonging #community #expectations
  20. to live consumerism rather than community
    the uprooted and hurried condition of modern city life and impersonal work have created a social condition of anomie We have become mere numbers. We
    #urabnism #consumerism #community #cities
  21. Senex and puer in Hillman
    Senex is a style of life and thought characterized by a sense of time and history, a concern for order, a love of tradition, and a tendency toward
    #aging #archetypes #opposition
  22. therapist-patient collaborating in a mutual fiction story
    … counter-transference, the therapist-writer’s self-indulgence in the story. Two authors are now collaborating in a mutual fiction of therapy,
    #fiction #therapeutic
  23. therapeutic fiction genre
    fictions are mental constructs, fantasies by means of which we fashion or “fiction” (fingere) a life or a person into a case history Portnoy’s
    #fantasies #fiction #therapeutic
  24. the need to be in love
    displaced persons, always needy, estranged, haunted by an unspoken tragedy that is blamed on parents or betrayals in love, on ailments or forced
  25. the mistake of historical literalism
    The core mistake of mechanism in psychology is that it literalizes functions and actions as discrete moving parts, separated from each other. … the
    #fiction #therapeutic
  26. systematically connecting function of consciousness
    hermetic writing where connections do not close up but open and reveal; aphroditic where the eye is on sensate value, personal relatings, perhaps,
    #dionysian #hermetism
  27. sophisticated therapeutic class
    The sophisticated “therapeutic class” who come to private therapy have their stories already formed into the therapeutic genre, that is, the story
    #therapeutic #culture
  28. solipsism
    is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist as an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything
  29. see the literature in psychology
    therapists are not aware enough that we are singers … ways of narration are limited to four kinds: epic, comic, detective, social realism … take
    #therapeutic #artist
  30. poiesis of psychoanalysis
    Psychoanalysis is a work of imaginative tellings in the realm of poiesis, which means simply “making,” and which I take to mean making by
    #therapeutic #imagination #poetry
  31. platonic ideas somatic education and soul
    the real progenitor of somatic education was Plato, whose philosophy of Soul, or intrinsic, organic, individual Being is just what is most central
  32. picaresque mode parody of the individuation
    the realm of picaresque reflection, of seeing through every established stance, yet without moral implication … to the society which to the
    #individuality #culture #conformity
  33. rewriting undigested remnants
    going backwards – regression belongs to the digestive mode … a good deal of remembering, its pain, its shame, is recapitulation, revising the
    #journaling #journey
  34. old wise man who uses diagrams numbers and crystals
    In a short paper of my own (“On Senex Consciousness” 1970 reprinted in Senex & Puer) I also tried to show that a certain style of presenting
  35. masochistic enjoyment of psychological horrors
    senselessness derives from a breakdown in the thematic motif: it no longer holds events together and gives them sense, … provides the mode of
    #experiential #fiction #hermetism #reality
  36. interior soul neglects exterior world
    the calling does not have to be away from the world or rest upon a theory of self-enclosed individuals. Soul-making and care of soul do not have to
    #cartesian #therapeutic
  37. individual impulses felt as compulsion traverses collective
    We could say that something courses through the collective and is picked up and expressed in different mediums by different individuals, and that
    #therapeutic #collective #outformation #artist #compulsion
  38. history symptom-making of the psyche
    event becomes an experience, moves from outer to inner, is made into soul, when it goes through a psychological process … Plato gave us main ones:
    #experiential #platonism
  39. hero stays on top of any story
    Patricia Berry considers that narrative as such cannot help but reflect the ego’s concerns, because narrative is essentially the genre of the hero
  40. growth project of therapy
    growth a huge part of the project of therapy, but the very word grow is a word appropriate to children. After a certain age you do not grow. You
    #existential #therapeutic #consumerism
  41. fantasy of growth in therapy
    the fantasy of growth that you find in therapy, and also in New Age thought, doesn’t include this awkwardness … when we look at people going through
    #therapeutic #fantasies
  42. factual history claims literal truth
    … factual history, a true account or knowledge about the “succession of events through which anything passes … a lie when it claims literal truth.
    #fantasies #scientism
  43. extending individuation into the world of things
    The only way I can justify still using the term individuation today is by extending it to mean the individuation of each moment in life, each
    #individuality #therapeutic #property #platonism
  44. extending individual therapy to collective
    We’re not attacking therapy so much as trying to extend it, reveal its blind spots … it’s not the idea of doing therapy that is wrong; there are
    #phenomenology #therapeutic #discovery #collective
  45. empiricism prevents solipsism
    empiricism philosophically “the egocentric predicament” (according to A. J. Ayer) prevents solipsism — gets us out of the circle of our minds by
    #empiricism #platonism
  46. dissonance of maximum amplitude
    Leon Festinger, who in 1957 invented the theory of cognitive dissonance, named this a dissonance of maximum amplitude. The mind creates stories to
    #myth #emotions
  47. denying world’s body destroys our souls
    we cannot go through the world for our own benefit and that we are actually destroying our souls by an attitude that pretends to save them … even
    #therapeutic #altruism #worldly
  48. continually internalizing and externalizing process
    affirm psychic reality in another way – not by copying the literalistic metaphors, the fantasies of fixity and hardness, that we use for outer
    #fantasies #hindu #reality
  49. collective obsession with growth
    Curious and perhaps not very subtle correlation between Hillman's words on our obsession with psychological growth and the GDP of economics.
    #archetypes #society #collective #economics
  50. child archetype worship
    the therapy thing—you go back to your childhood. But if you’re looking backward, you’re not looking around. This trip backward constellates what
    #therapeutic #archetypes
  51. attitude which interiorizes inner events
    way we imagine our lives is the way we are going to go on living our lives … we tell ourselves about what is going on is the genre through which
    #imagination #fiction #reality
  52. archetypal gods and literary reflection
    how different gods can be linked with genres … gravity with Saturn, speed with Mercury, beauty with Venus, vehemence with Mars … the god of
  53. archetypal fantasy of ego development
    when we conceive our life story as a Battle for Deliverance from the Great Mother – as Jung called it – we are engaged in heroics; these heroics
    #archetypes #fantasies