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  1. myths and constitutional types
    We can make connections between some of the myths and William Sheldon’s constitutional types. Each of us is a combination of all three. Each of us
    #somatic #myth #triplicity #archetypes
  2. subdued images of vitality
    When we live concepts and images that are not grounded in our body, we do not believe in who we are unformed adult zelig two terms: image and
    #somatic #myth
  3. hero quest unifying pattern
    one of the two great unifying mythic patterns (the other being the Eternal Return, the death-rebirth cycle), is the mythologem of the hero quest,
    #journey #myth #heroic
  4. we have never been liberal
    Trump: the injection of racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic language into legitimate discourse threatens to undo strides made toward social
    #authority #philosophical #myth
  5. dissonance of maximum amplitude
    Leon Festinger, who in 1957 invented the theory of cognitive dissonance, named this a dissonance of maximum amplitude. The mind creates stories to
    #myth #emotions
  6. once born and twice born
    The Parsifal myth teaches us that experience stimulates deep bodily truths … that urge us to form a personal self. When you know this, you begin a
    #myth #embodiment

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