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  1. intellectual orthodoxy of science  
    Willis Harman had a particular interest in the relationship between matter and consciousness, he was one of several prestigious Stanford scientists
    scientism reductionist knowledge reductionism
  2. cartesian mechanistic physics vs quantum mechanics  
    Somatics challenges traditional models of Cartesian dualism in which contemporary scientific psychology was born. Whereas Freud’s psychology was
    cartesian therapeutic scientism somatic
  3. tendencies to literalise and scorn science  
    One strong tendency of the vocational schools was to literalize with the scientific information about anatomy and physiology … Another tendency was
    reality scientism
  4. scientism mimetic game  
    Scientism fools people because it is a mimetic game dressed up as science. The key is carefully curating our sources of knowledge so that we are
    mimetic cartesian scientism
  5. history is our causality developmental psychology  
    the principal content of developmental psychology: what happened to you earlier is the cause of what happened to you later. That’s the basic theory:
    therapeutic cartesian scientism memory
  6. factual history claims literal truth  
    … factual history, a true account or knowledge about the “succession of events through which anything passes … a lie when it claims literal truth.
    fantasies scientism

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