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  1. why coach introspection? 
    Introspection, while potentially yielding valuable self-knowledge, may also lead to self-obsession and chronic rumination. Our culture often emphasizes objectivity and causality, hindering a more open, phenomenological inquiry into ourselves. Shifting toward a "resolving" approach and embracing paradoxical ideas can offer a more constructive path to self-understanding.
    #coaching #introspective #journaling #cartesian #society
  2. what are us? 
    In today's society, objective facts eclipse our subjective inner wisdom and somatic knowledge. We conform to external norms rather than self-determining our values. Knowledge is pursued compulsively without changing the methods of inquiry. To grow, we must release rigid plans and preconceptions. By embracing spontaneity and our inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge allows us to create our lives rather than follow others' expectations.
    #society #coaching #cartesian #introspective #journaling
  3. cartesian theatre
    ‘Cartesian Theatre’ in which conscious experience ‘comes together in a single point in the brain, much as René Descartes thought consciousness
  4. cartesian mechanistic physics vs quantum mechanics
    Somatics challenges traditional models of Cartesian dualism in which contemporary scientific psychology was born. Whereas Freud’s psychology was
    #cartesian #therapeutic #scientism #somatic
  5. mind-body dualism
    Mind–body dualism is closely associated with the thought of René Descartes (1641) (Substance dualism, or Cartesian dualism): the mind is a
    #philosophical #cartesian #dichotomy
  6. psychotherapy denies soul in things
    psychotherapy is only working on that “inside” soul removing the soul from the world and not recognizing that the soul is also in the world … having
    #cartesian #worldly #relationship #therapeutic
  7. therapy mistakes knowing precedes doing
    emotions are mainly social, they connect to the world … therapy introverts the emotions calls fear “anxiety” …, and you work on it inside yourself.
    #cartesian #therapeutic #philosophical
  8. interior soul neglects exterior world
    the calling does not have to be away from the world or rest upon a theory of self-enclosed individuals. Soul-making and care of soul do not have to
    #cartesian #therapeutic
  9. convivo ergo sum
    The idea of self has to be redefined. Even if this inner divine is disguised as a self-steering, autonomous, homeostatic, balancing mechanism; or
    #cartesian #theology #community #imagination
  10. body mind experience and descartes
    phenomenology of the body refutes Descartes' dualism on the basis of the body/mind experience Descartes was attempting to organize. He has also
    #phenomenology #cartesian
  11. scientism mimetic game
    Scientism fools people because it is a mimetic game dressed up as science. The key is carefully curating our sources of knowledge so that we are
    #mimetic #cartesian #scientism
  12. history is our causality developmental psychology
    the principal content of developmental psychology: what happened to you earlier is the cause of what happened to you later. That’s the basic theory:
    #therapeutic #cartesian #scientism #memory
  13. theory of reality in holographic universe
    Michael Talbot died of leukemia in 1992 at age 38, wrote “The Delicate Dependency” frequently appearing on lists of the best vampire novels ever
    #reality #fiction #cartesian
  14. Freud’s self-interpretation of psychoanalysis
    Columbus believed that he had found a new way to India, when what he had discovered was a new continent. There is also a difference between what
    #therapeutic #existential #cartesian

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