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  1. collective obsession with growth
    Curious and perhaps not very subtle correlation between Hillman's words on our obsession with psychological growth and the GDP of economics.
    #archetypes #society #collective #economics
  2. sixty four permutations of eight
    sixty four hexagrams represent the permutations of eight trigrams, each of which has specific associations: heaven, earth, fire, water, thunder,
    #taoist #archetypes
  3. myths and constitutional types
    We can make connections between some of the myths and William Sheldon’s constitutional types. Each of us is a combination of all three. Each of us
    #somatic #myth #triplicity #archetypes
  4. describing core motivational drives
    A motivational drive is a specific and enduring behavioral energy that has oriented you throughout your life to achieve a distinct pattern of
  5. child archetype worship
    the therapy thing—you go back to your childhood. But if you’re looking backward, you’re not looking around. This trip backward constellates what
    #therapeutic #archetypes
  6. old wise man who uses diagrams numbers and crystals
    In a short paper of my own (“On Senex Consciousness” 1970 reprinted in Senex & Puer) I also tried to show that a certain style of presenting
  7. archetypal fantasy of ego development
    when we conceive our life story as a Battle for Deliverance from the Great Mother – as Jung called it – we are engaged in heroics; these heroics
    #archetypes #fantasies
  8. archetypal gods and literary reflection
    how different gods can be linked with genres … gravity with Saturn, speed with Mercury, beauty with Venus, vehemence with Mars … the god of
  9. holding onto helen’s garment
    It is the universal experience of one on the path to grasp at the tools of genius when he encounters these sublime realms. Pain often compels us to
    #artist #seriousman #egocentric #archetypes
  10. tempering of one by the other
    … the only redemption for either of a pair of opposites is the tempering of one by the other. Faust is redeemed by the love of Gretchen;
    #opposition #shadow #archetypes #manly
  11. Senex and puer in Hillman
    Senex is a style of life and thought characterized by a sense of time and history, a concern for order, a love of tradition, and a tendency toward
    #aging #archetypes #opposition
  12. Faust, an encounter with the shadow
    Goethe’s Faust, picks up where Hamlet lost the battle and takes us on to that higher consciousness often called redemption. … guide to lead us out
    #shadow #archetypes #individuality #spirituality
  13. inflation or egocentricity
    When you have earned your enlightenment at the cost of the deep inner journey, your first reaction is often to personalize this experience, to own
    #egocentric #journey #archetypes
  14. charioteer who gallops off at full speed
    The efforts of planning, reasoning, discipline, and heroic ventures would only further the emotional confusion , it is only in the realm of symbol
    #symbols #ceremony #heroic #archetypes
  15. homunculus and euphorion
    Made by Wagner — a man the size of a thumb (the second appearance of the puer aeternis). In Faust’s second, less personal and brief marriage with
    #aging #archetypes
  16. Metaphysics of Quality
    “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Robert Pirsig’s philosophical novel, 1974 and expanded in Lila: An Inquiry into Morals (1991) ZAMM
    #archetypes #symbols #phenomenology #subject

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