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  1. asking of the other what we are not addressing ourselves
    projection and transference two dynamics of relationships our existential proclivities to fear and lethargy, and both nemeses win more battles than
    #heroic #relationship
  2. hero quest unifying pattern
    one of the two great unifying mythic patterns (the other being the Eternal Return, the death-rebirth cycle), is the mythologem of the hero quest,
    #journey #myth #heroic
  3. hero stays on top of any story
    Patricia Berry considers that narrative as such cannot help but reflect the ego’s concerns, because narrative is essentially the genre of the hero
  4. charioteer who gallops off at full speed
    The efforts of planning, reasoning, discipline, and heroic ventures would only further the emotional confusion , it is only in the realm of symbol
    #symbols #ceremony #heroic #archetypes
  5. tilting with windmills, phantoms & illusions
    … symbol of the folly of fighting with phantoms or illusions. Outwardly, this is quite true; but inwardly it is the imaginative heroic battle of the
    #simpleman #heroic
  6. poison in the desk drawer
    Faust kept a vial of poison in the back of his desk drawer, anticipating the moment of hopelessness, feeling of loneliness and meaningless reach an
    #reality #suffering #heroic #shadow
  7. Joseph Campbell
    The Hero with a Thousand Faces The Writer’s Journey - Christopher Vogler Save the Cat! - Blake Snyder
    #heroic #subject
  8. human capacity for self-detachment
    To detach oneself from even the worst conditions is a uniquely human capability. However, this unique capacity of man to detach himself from any
    #heroic #humor #triplicity #somatic #therapeutic

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