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  1. bender
    As of this moment, I have been in my forties for a straight 15 hours, five of which I spent sleeping. So far, so good! Today, I am launching a new website and starting a newsletter, sending out its first issue called "Bender." Take a look at the latest artwork and subscribe to the emails!
    #society #individuality #spontaneity #reality #letters
  2. four kinds of relationship between knower and known
    the uncertainty principle: to know something about an object, an observer must act upon, and thus disturb it … act of knowing is thus a transaction
    #fourfold #reality #knowledge
  3. triune task insight courage endurance
    finding personal authority requires two things: sorting through the traffic within and living what we find with courage and consistency Jung
    #perseverance #reality #triplicity
  4. autonomous system that supports alignment
    wholeness involves aligning our outer choices with our inner reality. When the path we are on is right for our souls, the energy is there. When what
    #reality #choice #resistance
  5. observing world through alternative lens
    in any moment, we view the world through a distorting lens and make choices based on what the lens allows us to see, not what lies outside its frame
    #imagination #reality
  6. tendencies to literalise and scorn science
    One strong tendency of the vocational schools was to literalize with the scientific information about anatomy and physiology … Another tendency was
    #reality #scientism
  7. attitude which interiorizes inner events
    way we imagine our lives is the way we are going to go on living our lives … we tell ourselves about what is going on is the genre through which
    #imagination #fiction #reality
  8. masochistic enjoyment of psychological horrors
    senselessness derives from a breakdown in the thematic motif: it no longer holds events together and gives them sense, … provides the mode of
    #experiential #fiction #hermetism #reality
  9. continually internalizing and externalizing process
    affirm psychic reality in another way – not by copying the literalistic metaphors, the fantasies of fixity and hardness, that we use for outer
    #fantasies #hindu #reality
  10. mimesis
    a term used in literary criticism and philosophy: imitation, nonsensuous similarity, receptivity, representation, mimicry, the act of
    #reality #mimetic #philosophical
  11. materialism - not a solution for the unlived youthfulness
    The American ideal of perpetual youthfulness dies very hard in us. We are so materialistic and so enamored of the power of will that we refuse to
    #reality #aging #materialism
  12. two-dimensional man don quixote
    Don Quixote (Cervantes) a man so enamored of the simple ways of two-dimensional man — medieval man — that he took on the finery of knighthood and
    #medieval #opposition #reality #simpleman
  13. poison in the desk drawer
    Faust kept a vial of poison in the back of his desk drawer, anticipating the moment of hopelessness, feeling of loneliness and meaningless reach an
    #reality #suffering #heroic #shadow
  14. quantum mysticism salvador dali
    Tesseract, Four-dimensional space, Four-dimensionalism philosophy “Research using virtual reality finds that humans, in spite of living in a
    #mysticism #reality #artist
  15. theory of reality in holographic universe
    Michael Talbot died of leukemia in 1992 at age 38, wrote “The Delicate Dependency” frequently appearing on lists of the best vampire novels ever
    #reality #fiction #cartesian
  16. steep road from obscurity to oblivion
    “Castaneda’s most beautiful trick was based on the popular belief in the existence of fiction and nonfiction. This belief takes it for granted that
    #fiction #reality

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