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6 notes tagged "theology"

  1. doubt protects mystery from stagnation
    the doubt which keeps alive the dialectical values, and therefore protects a culture from reification and stagnation, also serves to enliven the
    #culture #theology
  2. gender and other cultural fantiasies
    while sex is biologically driven, gender is socially construed, and constricting definitions for men and women then have proved still another of
    #fiction #sexuality #culture #theology
  3. convivo ergo sum
    The idea of self has to be redefined. Even if this inner divine is disguised as a self-steering, autonomous, homeostatic, balancing mechanism; or
    #cartesian #theology #community #imagination
  4. liberation of vital energy theme blake and reich
    the liberation of vital energy theme , is one of the major motifs of our intellectual heritage. Freedom is our goal, and natural life is our
    #theology #spontaneity
  5. mimetic desire
    René Girard, theologian discovered that most of what we desire is mimetic (mi-met-ik) or imitative, not intrinsic. Humans learn—through imitation—to
    #mimetic #desires #theology #intrinsic #subject
  6. tiantai self-recontextualization
    the most characteristic premise of Tiantai thought of all, which determines the meaning we intend for the term “radical” here: the idea of
    #theology #hegelian

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