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9 notes tagged "community"

  1. imagined community of russians  
    Erefia is a sovereign state located between the EU, the Middle East, Asia, the Arctic, and the Pacific Oceans. It is the last empire in the world
    language authority community imagination
  2. self-interest versus the common good  
    those two impulses are mutually exclusive, although certain circumstances allow them to appear complementary extreme self-interest (selfishness,
    egocentric altruism community
  3. the natural process of death and decay  
    a significant component of nutrient-rich organic soil, on which we humans depend to grow plant crops, is the decayed corpses of insects. Recent
  4. self-sufficient villages not families  
    for thousands of year’s no family was self-sufficient, each - a working unit, a part of the larger working unit, which was the community. Tribes and
    family coliving community ludens relationship
  5. individual neighbours separated actual self  
    family I won’t accept these simple opposites—either individual self in control or a totalitarian , mindless mob. This kind of fantasy keeps us
    family authority community dionysian
  6. convivo ergo sum  
    The idea of self has to be redefined. Even if this inner divine is disguised as a self-steering, autonomous, homeostatic, balancing mechanism; or
    cartesian theology community imagination
  7. community and authority over art  
    The barbarous conception of authority and the recognition of popular authority are fatal. It comes from the natural inability of a community
    authority individuality artist community
  8. work at personal relationship and love  
    Another thing that therapy pushes is “relationship . You think you’re going to die if you’re … not being in a significant, long-lasting, deep
    relationship loneliness belonging community expectations
  9. to live consumerism rather than community  
    the uprooted and hurried condition of modern city life and impersonal work have created a social condition of anomie We have become mere numbers. We
    urabnism consumerism community cities

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