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  1. a number that is consuming life
    Money is just a number created by humans, with no meaning outside the human mind absorbing intelligent and highly defined living beings to grow its
    #money #currency #society #authority #economics
  2. confused dictatorships of prosperous liberal democracies
    over the years, we have seen huge setbacks … yet, liberal democracy has endured and come back repeatedly, because the alternatives are so bad …
    #authority #culture
  3. weaknesses at the core of seemingly strong authoritarian states
    key weaknesses at the core of seemingly strong authoritarian states Russia and China both have argued that liberal democracy is in long-term
    #authority #society #power
  4. we have never been liberal
    Trump: the injection of racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic language into legitimate discourse threatens to undo strides made toward social
    #authority #philosophical #myth
  5. the end of history
    Francis Fukuyama 1989 & 2022 the phrase “the end of history” was coined by Hegel (the first philosopher to speak the language of modern social
    #authority #culture #hegelian
  6. white supremacist capitalist patriarchy
    a term coined by the late feminist critic and social theorist Bell Hooks that describes a system that benefits from inequality and exploitation, and
    #authority #feminism #culture
  7. the right to dominate
    The Right to Dominate: How Old Ideas About Sovereignty Pose New Challenges for World Order, 2020, Roland Paris (Canadian political scientist) writes
    #authority #society
  8. new middle ages
    Umberto Eco’s essays “Living in the New Middle Ages” and “Dreaming of the Middle Ages” … decline of Westphalian sovereignty … replaced by global
    #authority #medieval #subject
  9. individual neighbours separated actual self
    family I won’t accept these simple opposites—either individual self in control or a totalitarian , mindless mob. This kind of fantasy keeps us
    #family #authority #community #dionysian
  10. community and authority over art
    The barbarous conception of authority and the recognition of popular authority are fatal. It comes from the natural inability of a community
    #authority #individuality #artist #community
  11. authoritarian regimes engineer desires
    Authoritarian regimes can only stay in existence so long as they can control what people want. We normally think of these regimes as controlling
    #authority #change
  12. directed desires kulturnost and consumption
    Russian scholars Catriona Kelly and Vadim Volkov have pointed out in their essay “Directed Desires: Kul’turnost’ and Consumption” that the
    #authority #change
  13. tyrannies over body and soul
    There is the despot who tyrannises over the body (Prince). There is the despot who tyrannises over the soul (Pope). There is the despot who
  14. tech engineers desire
    engineering desire, is the approach of Silicon Valley, authoritarian governments … happens in labs, with cold, lifeless instruments … use
    #authority #technology #society #culture
  15. the state as a voluntary association
    There is no such thing as governing mankind, as a wise man once said, there is such a thing as leaving mankind alone. All modes of government are
    #authority #society
  16. say my name
    How do we live by the names given to us? How do we choose a name, or should I ask how does the name choose us? I use a mononym — levèlsi — and choose to write it in lowercase letters. This stylistic decision is my way of resisting the authority over personal names.
    #individuality #society #authority
  17. the etiology of the existential vacuum
    in contrast to an animal, no drives and instincts tell man what he must do .. unlike man in former times, he is no longer told what he should do by
    #conformity #existential #mimetic #dichotomy #authority

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