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4 notes tagged "empiricism"

  1. eliminativist approach to introspection
    Explaining our introspective abilities through faculties that are already present in human cognitive systems, irrespective of any particular
    #introspective #empiricism #philosophical #reductionist
  2. unpsychological thinking giegerich
    Wolfgang Giegerich: … makes our thinking unpsychological by making us wish for, or even need, empirical verification, scientific truth, and
  3. empiricism prevents solipsism
    empiricism philosophically “the egocentric predicament” (according to A. J. Ayer) prevents solipsism — gets us out of the circle of our minds by
    #empiricism #platonism
  4. Hillman - an artist of psychology
    re-visioning writing about psychology; style and imagination are method; empiricism has it’s own style and need not be taken literally on it’s own
    #artist #imagination #empiricism #phenomenology

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