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14 notes tagged "experiential"

  1. attunement sense of common experience
    “attunement” is the experience of two (or more) people inhabiting a common psychological space at the same time. People refer to this variously as
    #experiential #sexuality #intelligence
  2. emotional quality of an experience
    an experience is when our interactions with people and our surroundings reach a conclusion that is satisfying … they end in ways that are noticeably
    #experiential #emotions
  3. balance between the physical and mental aspects of an experience
    John Dewey also described an experience as having pattern and structure … composed of distinct episodes that flow from one to the next … without
  4. ordinary experience expectations conflict
    John Dewey (1934) described ordinary experience as being continuous but often characterized by distraction and even conflict between expectations
    #experiential #expectations
  5. action and notions of inquiry
    Peirce viewed inquiry (logic) as any process which resulted in change from a state of doubt (a disturbance of the harmony of one’s actions, an
    #learning #experiential #change
  6. john dewey instrumentalism pragmatism
    John Dewey’s ideas relating to pragmatism , or as he referred to it, instrumentalism, is unique in insisting that philosophy should take the methods
    #learning #experiential #pragmatism
  7. dewey reflective thinking
    thinking could mean simply uncontrolled coursing of ideas in our heads, or the successions of imaginative incidents and episodes hanging together
    #experiential #learning #pragmatism
  8. experience action and continuity
    three ways or actions through which one arrives at knowledge: experience - an action (especially physical) through which knowledge may be guided
    #experiential #learning #pragmatism
  9. moving whole of interacting parts
    knowledge is continually being appropriated, interacting with our environment, we acquire habits (patterns of probable behaviour unique to each
    #experiential #learning #pragmatism
  10. history symptom-making of the psyche
    event becomes an experience, moves from outer to inner, is made into soul, when it goes through a psychological process … Plato gave us main ones:
    #experiential #platonism
  11. masochistic enjoyment of psychological horrors
    senselessness derives from a breakdown in the thematic motif: it no longer holds events together and gives them sense, … provides the mode of
    #experiential #fiction #hermetism #reality
  12. pragmatism learning theory 1
    John Dewey (1859-1952) believed that formal schooling was falling short of its potential. He emphasized facilitating learning through promoting
    #pragmatism #learning #experiential
  13. experiential learning theory
    Experiential learning is about the learner experiencing things for themselves and learning from them. Kolb (1984) proposed a four stage model known
    #learning #experiential
  14. toggling between imaginative and rational
    fiction-writing process (research conducted on a group of novelists) as a “voyage of discovery” that begins with a seed incident—an event or
    #creative #imagination #experiential

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