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  1. heron
    In this letter, I explore the metaphor of the Heron battle an inner voice of doubt, represented by a croaking frog. I relate this to doing meaningful creative work by outlining principles from Steven Pressfield's “Do the Work.” We must engage with resistance and persist despite the obstacles. Just as the Heron achieves flight through courage and determination, we realise our potential by battling resistance and ship our creative or entrepreneurial work.
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  2. the eye of the heron 
    In “The Eye of the Heron”, Ursula K. Le Guin’s characters must find the strength to stand up for their beliefs and work towards a better future. Luz
    #coaching #resistance #distraction #journey
  3. thrashing
    In Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?”, the focus is on becoming a linchpin—a person who adds unique value to their organization
    #resistance #creative #coaching
  4. life is a series of attachment and losses
    the nature of our psyche is based on change, growth, curiosity, and imagination. But there are very conservative elements within us that retain a
    #change #perseverance #resistance
  5. autonomous system that supports alignment
    wholeness involves aligning our outer choices with our inner reality. When the path we are on is right for our souls, the energy is there. When what
    #reality #choice #resistance
  6. principles
    tenet, raison d'être, ikigai — the truths, beliefs, and principles have to be plural and are refined by every hard choice I make
    #resistance #fourfold #practice #choice #autotelic
  7. oppening up too soon
    practicing man
    #poetry #resistance #vulnerability #creative #artist
  8. practicing man 
    Resistance to act initially protects one's uniqueness. Vulnerability is redefined as a strength in the artistic process, enabling communication and trust with inner signals. Mastery emerges through daily practice, as the artist climbs inner mountains, embracing self-discovery, and cultivating meaning. It's about giving oneself permission, embracing vulnerability, and finding belonging in the process of selfless service
    #poetry #resistance #vulnerability #creative #artist
  9. materialistic pathology 
    self-expression as an answer to materialistic pathology. shamed out of being artistic, I reason that this privilege is given to a chosen few, with an inborn talent, usually recognized long after they die. inspiration meeting cultivation with an innate desire to lessen pain and produce more joy
    #poetry #spirituality #artist #materialism #resistance

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