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4 notes tagged "materialism"

  1. confusion of private property
    Property has so many duties that its possession to any large extent involves endless claims upon one, endless attention to business. If property had
    #property #security #individuality #materialism
  2. materialistic pathology 
    self-expression as an answer to materialistic pathology. shamed out of being artistic, I reason that this privilege is given to a chosen few, with an inborn talent, usually recognized long after they die. inspiration meeting cultivation with an innate desire to lessen pain and produce more joy
    #poetry #spirituality #artist #materialism #resistance
  3. materialism - not a solution for the unlived youthfulness
    The American ideal of perpetual youthfulness dies very hard in us. We are so materialistic and so enamored of the power of will that we refuse to
    #reality #aging #materialism
  4. concerning the spiritual in art
    The painter Wassily Kandinsky saw himself as a pioneer of a new spirituality. “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, 1911 (Василий Кандинский, “О
    #artist #spirituality #materialism #objectified

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