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  1. a colloquy on essentialism
    The following conversation is a constructive dialogue between Moshe Feldenkrais and Greg McKeown. Both saw moderation and awareness as keys. This
  2. bender
    As of this moment, I have been in my forties for a straight 15 hours, five of which I spent sleeping. So far, so good! Today, I am launching a new website and starting a newsletter, sending out its first issue called "Bender." Take a look at the latest artwork and subscribe to the emails!
    #society #individuality #spontaneity #reality #letters
  3. in the beginning there was living
    To live is to express one’s self. Expression — the outcome of our enlarged excitation — impels us toward more self-forming .. experiencing more
    #individuality #spontaneity
  4. breath of inspiration and individuality
    Two breaths may have similarities, but they are never the same. Every connection that someone makes with the environment by inhaling and exhaling is
    #individuality #spontaneity
  5. beyond introspection 
    The process, not the destination, is key to self-directed learning and growth. Intrinsic motivation, spontaneity, and creativity are nurtured through self-expression and art. Intuition, a powerful tool, emerges when the mind is trained to be open to spontaneous insights. It's a process of unlearning and expanding one's mental lexicon, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and life's meaning. Autotelic experiences can be enhanced by embracing self-involvement and interacting with the world.
    #autotelic #learning #spontaneity #intuition
  6. what is introspection? 
    Embracing spontaneity and inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge lets us create our lives rather than follow others' expectations. Introspection through mindful inquiry illuminates our inner world. It helps us examine our beliefs, find our voice, and integrate our notions with outer reality. We can understand our roles and personalities, and the difference between our self-perception and others' views.
    #coaching #introspective #journaling #worldly #spontaneity
  7. personal experience in developing voluntary control
    the importance of personal experience in the formation of spontaneous behavior … that is possible only so long as the environment remains
    #spontaneity #perseverance #autonomy
  8. enacting behaviour of others
    subjective and relative notion … trained observer can tell whether a given action is spontaneous or compulsive what is important to one person is of
    #spontaneity #compulsion #mimetic
  9. liberation of vital energy theme blake and reich
    the liberation of vital energy theme , is one of the major motifs of our intellectual heritage. Freedom is our goal, and natural life is our
    #theology #spontaneity
  10. third wave humanistic psychology
    “Third Wave” in psychology. Psychoanalysis (studied neurotic pathology) and Behaviorism (discard personal experience altogether) had held the stage
    #therapeutic #gestalt #somatic #spontaneity
  11. head of yoga 
    Exploring a shift from traditional career paths, this post delves into the quest for meaningful work beyond financial gains. Rejecting the confines of finance-driven roles, I ponder with the notion of the "Head of Yoga," not in the literal sense but as a catalyst for fostering holistic well-being, creativity, and camaraderie in the workplace. Drawing from personal insights gleaned from yoga and movement arts, I question the conventional work culture paradigms. Amidst a landscape of self-help trends and tech stress, the narrative hints at a forthcoming paradigm shift in tech, emphasizing human-centric solutions over purely technological advancements
    #technology #yoga #practice #autotelic #spontaneity

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