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4 notes tagged "perseverance"

  1. ibex
    The ibex represents strength, endurance, and perseverance when facing challenges. Seeing an ibex in the wild reminds us how magnificent life can be,
    #perseverance #courage #ambiguity
  2. life is a series of attachment and losses
    the nature of our psyche is based on change, growth, curiosity, and imagination. But there are very conservative elements within us that retain a
    #change #perseverance #resistance
  3. triune task insight courage endurance
    finding personal authority requires two things: sorting through the traffic within and living what we find with courage and consistency Jung
    #perseverance #reality #triplicity
  4. personal experience in developing voluntary control
    the importance of personal experience in the formation of spontaneous behavior … that is possible only so long as the environment remains
    #spontaneity #perseverance #autonomy

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