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6 notes tagged "language"

  1. inventing psychotherapeutic vocabulary
    Freud invented a vocabulary to describe the behaviors he observed in his work, he didn’t discover “ego” and “id” - he invented them for the use of
    #therapeutic #psychedelic #language
  2. moving Grammarly documents to markdown folder
    I’ve used Grammarly for the last decade. I was happy how quickly they improved the grammar and punctuation checks. The synonym suggestion worked
    #technology #code #writing #language #diaries
  3. the verb to happen, happiness
    Later I inquired into the origin of the word happy and found that it derives from the verb to happen. In other words, happiness is to be found
  4. linear structure
    narratives have a linear structure driven by time, theories have a linear structure directed by logic speaking is linear, one word after another,
    #language #phenomenology #music
  5. amor fati
    The word “weird” is related to the German word “Werden” - becoming. Your weird, your fate, comes right out of yourself. … Nietzsche has this
    #philosophical #language

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