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5 notes tagged "knowledge"

  1. intellectual orthodoxy of science
    Willis Harman had a particular interest in the relationship between matter and consciousness, he was one of several prestigious Stanford scientists
    #scientism #reductionist #knowledge #reductionism
  2. excitation and commitment to self-knowing
    There is nothing wrong with knowledge. What’s wrong is an incessant, unrelenting need to know, which is related to a compulsive need for power. The
    #objectified #compulsion #knowledge
  3. introspection is not an inner perception
    The term introspection continue to be used to refer to our first-person understanding that we hold with regard to our own minds, as oppose to
    #knowledge #introspective
  4. four kinds of relationship between knower and known
    the uncertainty principle: to know something about an object, an observer must act upon, and thus disturb it … act of knowing is thus a transaction
    #fourfold #reality #knowledge
  5. categories and taxonomy
    linear structure who, what, and where set of categories from the literary philosopher Jorge Luis Borges example of poetic categories—taxonomy of the
    #poetry #philosophical #knowledge

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