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5 notes tagged "simpleman"

  1. new faculty of four-dimensional consciousness
    Every man of consciousness is somewhere on this journey, and it is of immeasurable help to know where you are on the scale of evolution. Almost all
    #journey #seriousman #suffering #simpleman #aging
  2. being a florentine lady
    Finally in desperation I tried a Don Quixote-like venture of observing that the young woman looked just like a Florentine painting of a woman
    #simpleman #womanly
  3. tilting with windmills, phantoms & illusions
    … symbol of the folly of fighting with phantoms or illusions. Outwardly, this is quite true; but inwardly it is the imaginative heroic battle of the
    #simpleman #heroic
  4. symbol, ceremony, art, and imagination
    The problems of meaninglessness and loneliness, the results of our unlived lives, can be made conscious. We can find an alternate interior
    #play #symbols #ceremony #imagination #simpleman
  5. two-dimensional man don quixote
    Don Quixote (Cervantes) a man so enamored of the simple ways of two-dimensional man — medieval man — that he took on the finery of knighthood and
    #medieval #opposition #reality #simpleman

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