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  1. on coaching
    In today’s world, the effort of self-improvement has become a relentless pursuit, with many seeking guidance from various experts, traditions, and
    #coaching #introspective #autotelic #spontaneity
  2. atomic notes and incremental writing
    Levdotlc is an outlet for self-expression which supplies me with an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the intersection of creativity and thought-provoking socio-cultural insights. With a minimalist, search-centered design, the site features a vast collection of writings, drawings, and study notes that reflect my creative pursuits and personal experiences.
    #autotelic #introspective #artist #individuality
  3. brain’s press secretary interpreter module
    All human brains contain an interpreter module whose job is to make sense of experiences by constructing explanations in the form of stories
    #introspective #stories #fantasies #mimetic
  4. more like strangers to ourselves
    A social psychologist Timothy Wilson made a long career studying the perils of introspection. In his “Strangers to Ourselves” (2002), he writes
  5. Byron Katie's "The Work" and turnarounds
    Byron Katie, in her book "Loving What Is," introduces her process of self-inquiry called "The Work." She shares her personal realization that suffering arises from believing our own stressful thoughts. By engaging in The Work, individuals can identify and question these thoughts using four key questions. Additionally, the practice involves exploring turnarounds, which offer alternative perspectives to the original thought. Through this process, Katie asserts that suffering can be alleviated by recognizing the optional nature of our beliefs and discovering an inner joy that remains constant.
    #suffering #introspective
  6. Who is a Good Coach?
    Coaching assumes clients possess emotional integration and focuses on creating the life they desire, not fixing problems. Effective coaching encourages clients to value themselves and set intrinsic, joy-filled goals. Coaches should never impose their truths, allowing clients' self-actualization through awareness, responsibility, and authentic values. Seasoned coaches prioritize nurturing, intuition, self-expression, and joy while aligning with clients' essence and remaining supportive observers.
    #coaching #introspective #therapeutic #individuality
  7. Why Coach Introspection?
    Introspection, while potentially yielding valuable self-knowledge, may also lead to self-obsession and chronic rumination. We have to penetrate the layers of appearances and develop the capacity to hold several contradictory or paradoxical ideas about ourselves in our minds at the same time.
    #coaching #introspective #journaling #cartesian #society
  8. What is Introspection?
    Embracing spontaneity and inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge lets us create our lives rather than follow others' expectations. Introspection illuminates our inner world. It helps us examine our beliefs, find our voice, and integrate our notions with outer reality. We can understand our roles and personalities, and the difference between our self-perception and others' views.
    #coaching #introspective #journaling #worldly #spontaneity
  9. What are Us?
    In today’s society, information, facts, and even concepts like “to be” are taken as concrete, but our intuition, emotions, and somatic response —
    #society #coaching #cartesian #introspective #journaling
  10. differences between attention and introspection
    Attention is an amazingly plastic capacity, but one may argue that our common-sense, metaphor-driven understanding of attention does not accurately
    #attention #introspective
  11. introspection is not an inner perception
    The term introspection continue to be used to refer to our first-person understanding that we hold with regard to our own minds, as oppose to
    #knowledge #introspective
  12. eliminativist approach to introspection
    Explaining our introspective abilities through faculties that are already present in human cognitive systems, irrespective of any particular
    #introspective #empiricism #philosophical #reductionist
  13. failed co-operation of the unconscious
    come to understand why the East believes in the possibility of self-liberation … through introspection and the conscious realization of
    #introspective #liberation
  14. journal dialogue technique
    used by many experienced journalers Although Dr. Progoff is generally credited with developing journal Dialogues (Intensive Journal Workshop devotes
    #journaling #introspective #gestalt
  15. what to si
    “C” is not an “a”, and it is not a “b” — this is to suggest that C is consequently flowing and not merely a choice. They don’t have to watch the
    #introspective #change #poetry #diaries
  16. going to the place of the Mothers
    Any man embarking on this symbolic quest must understand that he will be swept into one enthusiasm after another. Such enthusiasms soon wane and are
    #symbols #mother #triplicity #solitude #introspective
  17. transcendence, love and conscience
    Man passes the noological dimension whenever he is reflecting upon himself — or, if need be, rejecting himself; whenever he is making himself an
    #introspective #objectified #reductionism #sexuality

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