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  1. on coaching
    In today’s world, the effort of self-improvement has become a relentless pursuit, with many seeking guidance from various experts, traditions, and
    #coaching #introspective #autotelic #spontaneity
  2. NOW
    a “now page” on a personal website tells you what the author is currently focused on in their life. It’s like an “about” page but for the present
    #drawing #coaching #spatiality
  3. Perspective on Psychological Work
    We often fall into the trap of believing that we are defined by our pasts, that we are our past. The past, however, is merely a construction of the
    #coaching #fiction #individuality #culture #change
  4. heron
    In this letter, I explore the metaphor of the Heron battle an inner voice of doubt, represented by a croaking frog. I relate this to doing meaningful creative work by outlining principles from Steven Pressfield's “Do the Work.” We must engage with resistance and persist despite the obstacles. Just as the Heron achieves flight through courage and determination, we realise our potential by battling resistance and ship our creative or entrepreneurial work.
    #coaching #resistance #distraction #journey #letters
  5. the eye of the heron 
    In “The Eye of the Heron”, Ursula K. Le Guin’s characters must find the strength to stand up for their beliefs and work towards a better future. Luz
    #coaching #resistance #distraction #journey
  6. thrashing
    In Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?”, the focus is on becoming a linchpin—a person who adds unique value to their organization
    #resistance #creative #coaching
  7. Who is a Good Coach?
    Coaching assumes clients possess emotional integration and focuses on creating the life they desire, not fixing problems. Effective coaching encourages clients to value themselves and set intrinsic, joy-filled goals. Coaches should never impose their truths, allowing clients' self-actualization through awareness, responsibility, and authentic values. Seasoned coaches prioritize nurturing, intuition, self-expression, and joy while aligning with clients' essence and remaining supportive observers.
    #coaching #introspective #therapeutic #individuality
  8. Why Coach Introspection?
    Introspection, while potentially yielding valuable self-knowledge, may also lead to self-obsession and chronic rumination. We have to penetrate the layers of appearances and develop the capacity to hold several contradictory or paradoxical ideas about ourselves in our minds at the same time.
    #coaching #introspective #journaling #cartesian #society
  9. What is Introspection?
    Embracing spontaneity and inner genius, we can reshape notions and know ourselves intimately. This self-knowledge lets us create our lives rather than follow others' expectations. Introspection illuminates our inner world. It helps us examine our beliefs, find our voice, and integrate our notions with outer reality. We can understand our roles and personalities, and the difference between our self-perception and others' views.
    #coaching #introspective #journaling #worldly #spontaneity
  10. What are Us?
    In today’s society, information, facts, and even concepts like “to be” are taken as concrete, but our intuition, emotions, and somatic response —
    #society #coaching #cartesian #introspective #journaling

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