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what to si

(“What to C?”)

“C” is not an “a”, and it is not a “b” — this is to suggest that C is consequently flowing and not merely a choice. They don’t have to watch the second episode of a TV programme unless clearly convinced that the pilot was worth their time. If they cut to “Episode 3,” they may get confused by the narratives and the plot. “The C” is not something to choose without having proceeded through a and b. “Later” can’t be “better” in separation with “former”, future — “brighter” in isolation from the past. Could C be lesser then? — It is up to a trial! That’s the thing with change — it doesn’t happen without trying. Well, that’s not accurate — “a change” occurs whenever they want it or not, but the positive change – the one that is desired, change made by vote — that one requires work.

So the C is for “the change,” right, or is it for “the choice?” Now, how about “courage?” — To bravely stand to let the b pass. They took the route less travelled; they bettered grit to proceed with the consistency and commit to a communion. The third way may be specified as not the other two. Not choosing between red or blue, pill or party, and credibly averting to mix them down to undecided purple. Continuity doesn’t reduce a choice to the set of the former probabilities. If C was about getting closer to “the destination,” this would limit them to cook with only two ingredients for the rest of the journey.

Skip “b” all along? Yes, although it’s troublesome and may turn into a problem if C is claimed too early too soon. Psychic regression is not possible, yet the struggle is painful nonetheless. In that life, they can only move forward. At the same time, they can only be hither and then — in the current. To enjoy local food, to embrace contemporary dance, to have an inclination for modern art. Move from contemplation to cultivation.

As it comes to a certain time, observers invariably grasp what they want to perceive, finding not just beauty but a resentment, rationalized as confusion. Others come to a bitter conclusion that C is anything but real. For all intents and purposes, a little mystery is reserved. And ultimately, the link between subject and object reverses.

Then what was un-seen reveals the un-seers.

four kinds of relationship between knower and known

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