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  1. active imagination
    one fleshes out the meaning through asking questions, attempting interpretations, paying attention to affect, interacting in an analytic
    #imagination #practice #subject
  2. my fixing design for the upper back
    Experiencing pain and a hindered mobility in my neck and upper back, with palpable thoracic vertebra dislocation, I take steps to adjust my diet, use a cold plunge, sauna, and deep tissue massage, and focus my practice on supporting rhomboid muscle, ankle and hip flexibility, and psoas conditioning.
    #umami #practice
  3. principles
    tenet, raison d'être, ikigai — the truths, beliefs, and principles have to be plural and are refined by every hard choice I make
    #resistance #fourfold #practice #choice #autotelic
  4. body as an object outside or subject inside
    behavioral psychology studies the body as an object from outside itself, somatic studies the body as a subject from inside itself, it de-emphasises
    #somatic #therapeutic #practice
  5. authentic movement
    Authentic Movement is an embodied awareness practice developed in the mid-twentieth century by Whitehouse, a dancer and avid student and teacher of
    #somatic #embodiment #practice
  6. room and the master
    my humility token misplaced I charge the lunar eclipse, the truth is I keep preserving humbleness for the whatever big, prudence that feels cheap
    #poetry #practice
  7. establishing a creative practice
    turning (a creative) idea in your head into a tangible reality is one of life’s great satisfactions, whether the end result is a story, a
    #practice #artist
  8. head of yoga 
    Exploring a shift from traditional career paths, this post delves into the quest for meaningful work beyond financial gains. Rejecting the confines of finance-driven roles, I ponder with the notion of the "Head of Yoga," not in the literal sense but as a catalyst for fostering holistic well-being, creativity, and camaraderie in the workplace. Drawing from personal insights gleaned from yoga and movement arts, I question the conventional work culture paradigms. Amidst a landscape of self-help trends and tech stress, the narrative hints at a forthcoming paradigm shift in tech, emphasizing human-centric solutions over purely technological advancements
    #technology #yoga #practice #autotelic #spontaneity
  9. sgv wisdom of no escape
    What is something physical that you are working on in your practice (skill, awareness to generate, a thing to heal). What are the limiting factors in the present moment (specific, anatomical, connected). What are the tools that can help with these factors. Inner goal. What is the energy you are trying to create or a negative pattern you are working on to transcend. Alchemy. What is the good quality you already have that will help you with that other thing and the tool you learned (during the training) that will help you. Three most important things to grow as a teacher.
    #practice #distraction #diaries
  10. working through gross, unpleasant and awkward
    Working hard doesn't just mean pushing stronger, staying longer or squeezing better. It means going more in-depth with my attention, with my intentions. Walking through gross, unpleasant, awkward, fearful, through things outside of my comfort zone to the "other side."
    #practice #distraction #diaries

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