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#symbols #ceremony #heroic #archetypes ✱ Robert A. Johnson

charioteer who gallops off at full speed

The efforts of planning, reasoning, discipline, and heroic ventures would only further the emotional confusion , it is only in the realm of symbol and ceremony that the solution can be found.

If you come to the emperor’s court, a symbolic place deep in the unconscious, you must have enough emotional stability to withstand the intense heat and the strangeness of the journey … the archetype of the puer aeternis (the eternal youth) is activated, that eternal inner child whose mentality is geared to the fantasy and whose eye is on heaven rather than on any practical endeavor. Some men don’t integrate this energy maturely and as a result they go through life as dreamers. Four puer figures appear in Part II of Faust: the boy charioteer who gallops off at full speed