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10 notes tagged "egocentric"

  1. self-interest versus the common good
    those two impulses are mutually exclusive, although certain circumstances allow them to appear complementary extreme self-interest (selfishness,
    #egocentric #altruism #community
  2. earn the treasure of the philosophy of the East
    The ego needs the self and vice versa. The changing relations between these two entities constitute a field of experience which Eastern
  3. earlier human potential workshops and divine
    earlier human potential workshops were guided by a general assumption that one must face one’s fears and limitations in order to “break through” to
    #dionysian #potential #egocentric #psychedelic
  4. selfishness and altruism
    from The Soul of Man Under Socialism (1891), Oscar Wilde: exaggerated altruistic virtues original virtue through disobedience selfishness is to
    #egocentric #benevolence #subject
  5. selfishness is to make claims upon others
    Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live, always aims at creating around it an absolute
    #egocentric #altruism
  6. holding onto helen’s garment
    It is the universal experience of one on the path to grasp at the tools of genius when he encounters these sublime realms. Pain often compels us to
    #artist #seriousman #egocentric #archetypes
  7. virtue of selfishness
    Concept of Egoism, 1964, Ayn Rand and the writer (and lover) Nathaniel Branden … Objectivist philosophy themes include the identification and
    #egocentric #altruism #objectified #subject
  8. inflation or egocentricity
    When you have earned your enlightenment at the cost of the deep inner journey, your first reaction is often to personalize this experience, to own
    #egocentric #journey #archetypes
  9. dethroning the ego
    … men are tempted to adopt a new kind of egocentricity in which they use their powers of dominating the world for “spiritual” purposes. This is no
    #egocentric #spirituality
  10. three levels of masculine consciousness
    One story, for instance, relates that the simple man comes home in the evening wondering what’s for dinner, the complex man comes home pondering the
    #triplicity #egocentric

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