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  1. spiritual tourism 
    Intrinsic motivation and spontaneity thrive through self-expression and creativity, akin to art. The pursuit of answers to the wrong questions can lead to existential anguish. Escaping the confines of normalcy, one explores spirituality but may get lost in literalism. To connect with the inner creative, language must be learned, grounding spirituality in everyday life, embracing the sacred in the ordinary, aiming for self-realization.
    #spirituality #learning #creative #belonging #normalcy
  2. materialistic pathology 
    self-expression as an answer to materialistic pathology. shamed out of being artistic, I reason that this privilege is given to a chosen few, with an inborn talent, usually recognized long after they die. inspiration meeting cultivation with an innate desire to lessen pain and produce more joy
    #poetry #spirituality #artist #materialism #resistance
  3. Faust, an encounter with the shadow
    Goethe’s Faust, picks up where Hamlet lost the battle and takes us on to that higher consciousness often called redemption. … guide to lead us out
    #shadow #archetypes #individuality #spirituality
  4. dethroning the ego
    … men are tempted to adopt a new kind of egocentricity in which they use their powers of dominating the world for “spiritual” purposes. This is no
    #egocentric #spirituality
  5. Chögyam Trungpa

    #spirituality #buddhist #subject
  6. maharishi in yoga sutra biography
    “It was in 1967 however, that yoga truly burst into the collective Western consciousness, when the Beatles met and subsequently introduced Maharishi
    #hindu #spirituality #experts
  7. a long line of yoga dilettantes
    If Hegel is deserving of some praise for his Teutonic blessing of Indian philosophy, and the Yoga Sutra specifically, as worthy of admission onto
    #hindu #spirituality #yoga #hegelian
  8. Swami Shankarananda's poem from Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali
    To catch the mind and keep it still, Is no small problem for my porous will; As many times as I shut it down, Unceasing thoughts on me rebound
    #hindu #spirituality
  9. Clippings from “The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: a Biography” by David Gordon White
    A comprehensive guide into Hindu texts in the beginning of the Chapter 2 Ramachandra Chaudhari became Mahatma Ramchandraji Maharaj, cosharer of the
    #hindu #spirituality #yoga
  10. metaphysics and ancient indian philosophy
    the differences between ancient Indian philosophy and modern physics in terms of their explanatory systems and language
    #hindu #spirituality
  11. salvation without a savior
    gymnastic yoga has been developed by European gymnasts and bodybuilders World Parliament of Religions (Chicago, September 11, 1893), Swami
    #hindu #spirituality
  12. the spiritual bricolage of yoga
    from Is Yoga Not Even a Hundred Years Old via Instapaper “Vivekananda, clever enough to understand his audience, invented it. As Dworschak puts it
    #hindu #spirituality #yoga
  13. concerning the spiritual in art
    The painter Wassily Kandinsky saw himself as a pioneer of a new spirituality. “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, 1911 (Василий Кандинский, “О
    #artist #spirituality #materialism #objectified
  14. imperfection by concern with important things
    Preoccupation with self is good, as is a tendency toward procrastination, self-delusion, darkness, jealousy, groveling, greediness, addictiveness.
    #humor #addiction #spirituality

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