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mind-body dualism

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  1. cartesian theatre

    ‘Cartesian Theatre’ in which conscious experience ‘comes together in a single point in the brain, much as René Descartes thought consciousness

  2. principles

    tenet, raison d'être, ikigai — the truths, beliefs, and principles have to be plural and are refined by every hard choice I make

  3. body mind experience and descartes

    phenomenology of the body refutes Descartes' dualism on the basis of the body/mind experience Descartes was attempting to organize. He has also

  4. body as an object outside or subject inside

    behavioral psychology studies the body as an object from outside itself, somatic studies the body as a subject from inside itself, it de-emphasises

  5. cartesian mechanistic physics vs quantum mechanics

    Somatics challenges traditional models of Cartesian dualism in which contemporary scientific psychology was born. Whereas Freud’s psychology was

  6. john dewey instrumentalism pragmatism

    John Dewey’s ideas relating to pragmatism , or as he referred to it, instrumentalism, is unique in insisting that philosophy should take the methods