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materialistic pathology

The central paradigm for understanding human life is the wicked interplay of heredity and environment, most commonly an economic one. It omits something beautiful of how we feel to be us. My own “in vitro” evolution challenges me to invent imitative measurements, depraved notions of success, and lure for consumer urges. I jump into a calculated meaning without appreciating the events on their own. I have lost my will for joy and attempt to recover it with a restless display of attractiveness, explicit sexuality, pleasures - exclusionary narratives lacking in psychic nutrition. There is no upper limit for wealth, and the endless pursuit of volumetric achievement alone, dollars or followers - either lead to nowhere but desperation. unformed adult zelig duoton drawing by levelsi Fulfilment doesn’t come with money and fame; climbing up to the very top, I’ll probably feel drained even after tremendous success. Staying in the potential yet, my power and pride recruit the resistance keeping me from remembering how I truly feel. It often happens in our busy world, particularly in places like “Silicon Valley” or “Hollywood,” where skill is not enough and competitiveness is inbuilt. Closer to the end of the ladder, I discover that it was set up against the wrong wall.

As a serious man, I then take refuge in blaming circumstances and the system, attempt to swap the wall for a different one, but the same, to escape. Driving fast on a freeway, I strive to u-turn, neglecting lines and barriers. I vote to spend billions on building more highways, so more people will follow me in the next race, to “the” somewhere. The faster I travel, the less understanding of the destination I have.

I seldom speak on self-expression as an answer to materialistic pathology. I listen to the therapists, and they will instead analyze artistic longings in the uttermost Adlerian way as compensation for social anomalies — furthermore, Freudian as a sublimation of childhood defects into creative commodities. I live a deception with creativity fully restrained. Self-shamed out of being artistic, I reason that this privilege is given to a chosen few, with an inborn talent, usually recognized long after they die in poverty.

Self-expression - an act of letting go of the extrinsic motivation, inspiration meeting cultivation with an innate desire to lessen pain and produce more joy. It is always so, even when someone chooses to ambiguate a creative output. Artist, they live in the beautiful inherent world, busy refining thoughts, harvesting distilled impressions towards an obstacle, building a relationship between the polarities. Embracing conflicts only they can resolve, they have no choice but to define their life by the work they produce.

Artists, they appear to be inclined to continuously let go of egocentric — an illusion of control over anything not in the immediate demand. A subject, a story, a style and voice, their responses to forces of life, a choice of creative outlet — all to embrace allocentric, even if it’s not evident to everyone. They inspire everyday lives, attract, alert, guide, supply the communion with imaginative dimension, all by displaying their individual potentialities.

It takes a great artist to discriminate the cast of starving painters-poets, transcend a grandeur, deconstructing academic cynicism, reconcile with egalitarian. To navigate the hallways of imagination and merit, to personify both joy and sorrow without permission to appear weird. I want to feel like a great artist!

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