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  1. spiral of silence
    The German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann coined the term “spiral of silence” in 1974 to refer to a phenomenon that we see often
    #phenomenology #confidence
  2. directed desires kulturnost and consumption
    Russian scholars Catriona Kelly and Vadim Volkov have pointed out in their essay “Directed Desires: Kul’turnost’ and Consumption” that the
    #authority #change
  3. describing core motivational drives
    A motivational drive is a specific and enduring behavioral energy that has oriented you throughout your life to achieve a distinct pattern of
  4. wanting what we already have
    “People take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience—even of silence—by choice … The weasel lives in necessity and we live in choice, hating
    #sufficiency #choice #conformity
  5. tech engineers desire
    engineering desire, is the approach of Silicon Valley, authoritarian governments … happens in labs, with cold, lifeless instruments … use
    #authority #technology #society #culture
  6. sympathy is easier than empathy
    Sympathy is far easier to practice than empathy, sharing the same root, they both come from the Greek word pathos, which roughly means “feeling.”
    #sympathy #empathy #greek #desires #mirroring
  7. scapegoats challenge collective psyche
    The scapegoat, often individual who are believed to defy the group’s norms or taboos, bears a noticeable trait of an outsider — an attribute that
    #collective #society
  8. mimetic desire
    René Girard, theologian discovered that most of what we desire is mimetic (mi-met-ik) or imitative, not intrinsic. Humans learn—through imitation—to
    #mimetic #desires #theology #intrinsic #subject
  9. ideology maturity conflicting desires
    ideology is the idea that everything is either good or bad … it’s a sign of maturity to be able to hold on to two conflicting desires or two
    #mimetic #meaning
  10. authoritarian regimes engineer desires
    Authoritarian regimes can only stay in existence so long as they can control what people want. We normally think of these regimes as controlling
    #authority #change
  11. cult of experts
    The Cult of Experts. “The people more competent than we are in innumerable fields of endeavor,” (Girard), with their “Follow These Five Steps”
    #experts #learning #mimetic