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cult of experts

The Cult of Experts. “The people more competent than we are in innumerable fields of endeavor,” (Girard), with their “Follow These Five Steps” approach to happiness and lacks of respect for human complexity. Today the value is largely mimetically driven rather than attached to fixed, stable points (like a college degree). This has created opportunities for anyone who can stand out from the crowd.

space between stories

experts of fear and confusion

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  1. experts of fear and confusion
    The world is full of people who will tell you who you are, what you are, and what you are to do and not to do, they wander amid their unaddressed
  2. why coach introspection? 
    Introspection, while potentially yielding valuable self-knowledge, may also lead to self-obsession and chronic rumination. Our culture often emphasizes objectivity and causality, hindering a more open, phenomenological inquiry into ourselves. Shifting toward a "resolving" approach and embracing paradoxical ideas can offer a more constructive path to self-understanding.