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room and the master

my humility token misplaced
I charge the lunar eclipse, the truth is
I keep preserving humbleness for the
whatever big, prudence that feels cheap
moon is my strength and weakness
confrontation coincides parallels
luna packs my left shoulder with a heavy tote
then urges the right side to handle it
dubiously reasoned, womanly?, is it?

a man is whatever room he is in
and right now I’m in a room with a master
she is coercing the group to battle gravity
not through pressure of necessity
but the delicate arguments
conveyed circumferentially
to get around causality
so that everyone gets to the culmination
at their (or should I say our)
appropriate time

but I’m behind,
and it’s imperative because I remember being out front in another room just like that
I should instead
remember to forget
and next time, allow the moon to do the lunar
pack better, know to bring the only one required

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