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  1. excitation and commitment to self-knowing
    There is nothing wrong with knowledge. What’s wrong is an incessant, unrelenting need to know, which is related to a compulsive need for power. The
    #objectified #compulsion #knowledge
  2. operative mythological image
    Images to which the individual resonates are generated from inside and are found outside. Out of an experience, one may create an image that becomes
  3. myths and constitutional types
    We can make connections between some of the myths and William Sheldon’s constitutional types. Each of us is a combination of all three. Each of us
    #somatic #myth #triplicity #archetypes
  4. once born and twice born
    The Parsifal myth teaches us that experience stimulates deep bodily truths … that urge us to form a personal self. When you know this, you begin a
    #myth #embodiment
  5. amor fati
    The word “weird” is related to the German word “Werden” - becoming. Your weird, your fate, comes right out of yourself. … Nietzsche has this
    #philosophical #language
  6. subdued images of vitality
    When we live concepts and images that are not grounded in our body, we do not believe in who we are unformed adult zelig two terms: image and
    #somatic #myth
  7. in the beginning there was living
    To live is to express one’s self. Expression — the outcome of our enlarged excitation — impels us toward more self-forming .. experiencing more
    #individuality #spontaneity
  8. breath of inspiration and individuality
    Two breaths may have similarities, but they are never the same. Every connection that someone makes with the environment by inhaling and exhaling is
    #individuality #spontaneity