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#objectified #compulsion #knowledge ✱ Stanley Keleman

excitation and commitment to self-knowing

There is nothing wrong with knowledge. What’s wrong is an incessant, unrelenting need to know, which is related to a compulsive need for power.

The excitement of our humanness continually attempts to satisfy our hungers .. filling us with the environment and filling the environment with us. Our greatest excitement manifests itself wherever we have the least boundary to restrict it. And our boundaries are least restrictive at the edges of our growing expression.

To base our identity on awareness is to diminish our desires and to constantly focus our excitation into an objectified, stereotyped present — thereby cutting ourseves off from our future, whose source is our ongoing hunger to experience ourselves and others. In expressing ourselves, we diminish commitment to self-knowing.

At the point of limitation, when the person begins to inhibit and collect himself, he begins to sense his boundaries. He begins to know increasingly who he is. He begins to discover that “this is me, and that’s not me.” And his response to this discovery is either fear or added excitement; either he withdraws in order to contain less or he seeks to contain as much as he can.

therapy mistakes knowing precedes doing

four kinds of relationship between knower and known

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