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5 notes tagged "perception"

  1. atmospheric and peripheral perception
    Neurological investigations suggest that our processes of perception and cognition advance from the instantaneous grasp of entities towards the
    #spatiality #perception #buildings
  2. animacy, self-propelled bodies
    The actions of bodies are qualitatively different from the actions of other objects: bodies are self-propelled, which means bodies can perform
  3. mirror neurons, action mirroring and motor resonance
    unite doing and seeing for specific actions, action and perception are joined automatically by specific individual neurons without any mediation
    #perception #sensory #mirroring
  4. understanding other bodies
    Our perception and understanding of the bodies of others are deeply connected to the actions and sensations of our own bodies. The connection of our
    #embodiment #somatic #perception #sensory
  5. integrating action and sensation
    We take the connections between what we see and what we feel for granted, but human babies don’t enter the world with those connections; the
    #perception #sensory

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