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10 notes tagged "courage"

  1. ibex
    The ibex represents strength, endurance, and perseverance when facing challenges. Seeing an ibex in the wild reminds us how magnificent life can be,
    #perseverance #courage #ambiguity
  2. finding courage through community and seeing people as whole
    In their Adlerian psychology book “The Courage to Be Disliked” Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga review the principles of finding courage through
    #Adlerian #Japanese #belonging #dichotomy #courage
  3. to show up in the best way we can
    shift from dependent psychology to psychospiritual independence perverse twins fear and lethargy That is all that life really asks of us, to show up
    #journey #courage #stoic
  4. perverse twins fear and lethargy
    managing fear through unreflective compliance, or avoidance; lethargy takes many seductive forms … avoid tasks, stay away from what is difficult for
    #courage #distraction
  5. to be afraid of the powers within
    Chögyam Trungpa defines the warrior not as an agent of destruction but as one who is “brave” … the definition of bravery: not being afraid of
    #courage #power
  6. work on one person myself
    I work on the one person I can work on, myself, to try to render myself more amenable to creative living in the presence of change, ambiguity, and
    #creative #courage #change
  7. doubt fuel for change precursor for growth
    The German word for doubt, Zwedeln (“twoness”), suggests the split we feel when we experience doubt … , which is the precursor for all growth
  8. developmental task of the swampland states
    we are challenged to grow up, to take on the journey … such enlargement is often terrifying, it is also freeing and brings dignity and meaning to
    #journey #courage #therapeutic
  9. exigencies of childhood vulnerability
    the literal dependence of terribly vulnerable child on its relationships is profoundly overlearned, overconditioned … it becomes difficult later to
    #solitude #childhood #courage
  10. what to si
    “C” is not an “a”, and it is not a “b” — this is to suggest that C is consequently flowing and not merely a choice. They don’t have to watch the
    #introspective #change #courage #choice #poetry

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