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#journey #courage #therapeutic ✱ James Hollis

developmental task of the swampland states

we are challenged to grow up, to take on the journey … such enlargement is often terrifying, it is also freeing and brings dignity and meaning to our lives.

fundamentalist who is so fearful of ambiguity that he or she must insist on a rigid truth … weak to tolerate the doubt which is the necessary precursor to growth and the transcendence

Jung suggested that in each therapy one should ask what task this person is avoiding through … neurosis … is implicit in each of these dismal places: gaining permission, leaving a dependency, finding courage to stand vulnerably and responsibly before the universe

the neurotic, and that includes most of us, is his or her own worst enemy-racked with guilt and a sense of failure, haunted by inadequacies

Swamplands of Soul (1996)