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4 notes tagged "astrology"

  1. four directions independent and opposed aspects
    four causes of Aristotle: formal, efficient, material, and final “aspect” implies a direction from which something is viewed. to decide which
    #fourfold #astrology
  2. astrological triplicities
    Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed a starter, a producer, a finisher … 12 zodiac signs are subdivided into 3 qualities (also called modalities and
    #astrology #triplicity
  3. half a year on saturn
    My son Felix was born 15 years ago today. I woke up thinking about how long a period of time “Quince años” was. It was undoubtedly lengthy for him,
    #astrology #imagination #diaries
  4. levavot
    I was given the name “Gleb” at birth, this is my legal first name today. The old and fairly rare East Slavic name “Гълѣбъ” of Nordic origin, where
    #astrology #individuality #hebrew #mononym #diaries

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