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  1. how to undertake the artist’s journey
    We are all artists—whether we realize it or not, whether we like it or not—and we are all on an “artist’s journey.” The artist’s life is defined by
    #journey #artist
  2. Joseph Campbell
    The Hero with a Thousand Faces The Writer’s Journey - Christopher Vogler Save the Cat! - Blake Snyder
    #heroic #subject
  3. Tat Tvam Asi
    Thou art that, Joseph Campbell
  4. Jung
    ian psychoanalysis: we are all fragmented and divided, and knowingly or not, we’re all searching for our souls acquired mind; Taoist, culture
    #therapeutic #individuality #manly #womanly #phenomenology #subject
  5. failed co-operation of the unconscious
    come to understand why the East believes in the possibility of self-liberation … through introspection and the conscious realization of
    #introspective #liberation