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experts of fear and confusion

The world is full of people who will tell you who you are, what you are, and what you are to do and not to do, they wander amid their unaddressed confusion, fear, and need for consensual belief to still their own anxious journey … no greater difficulty may be found than living this journey as mindfully, as accountably, as we can … beware of those who offer answers … they may be sincere, but their answers are not necessarily yours

cult of experts

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    we learned early that trying out who we are in the world often produced negative reactions … we learned to curb our desires, adapt, perhaps even
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    Coaching assumes clients possess emotional integration and focuses on creating the life they desire, not fixing problems. Effective coaching encourages clients to value themselves and set intrinsic, joy-filled goals. Coaches teach, but never impose their truths, allowing clients' self-realization. A mature coach nurtures self-actualization through awareness, responsibility, and authentic values. In contrast, younger, material-focused coaches prioritize winning, often causing dissatisfaction. Seasoned coaches prioritize nurturing, intuition, self-expression, and joy while aligning with clients' essence and remaining supportive observers.