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the four quarters

combining the four signs Unification of mind; joining feeling and essence, real knowledge and conscious knowledge. Also sometimes defined as combination of strength, flexibility, awareness, and love.

In the philosophy of the I Ching as it is applied to the practice of Taoism, time is characterized by change, and particular times are characterized by specific relations of opposing or complementary forces taking place in the course of this flux.

Linear time, such as is represented by the succession of the four seasons, is used as a metaphor for the “time” of human development; but Taoist texts warn that this is only a metaphor, and that the “celestial time,” the relation of the individual’s present condition to higher potential, is not a linear progression on the same order as terrestrial time.

For Taoists, to harmonize with the celestial in human life means to deal with each “time,” each combination of relations and potentials, in such a way as to achieve an appropriate balance of relevant forces and their modes of manifestation.

sixty four permutations of eight

the complete scope of human experience, encompassing all spatial and temporal dimensions. This aligns with both Jung’s idea of Individuation and Maslow’s concept of self-actualization. Both theories involve a journey towards wholeness and integration, bringing together disparate elements of the self into a unified, actualized whole.

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