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Hey, family!

I need help finding a literary model (and inspiration) describing the female body, with sexual details but without a penetrative masculine attitude. Less introspective, more experiential. Maybe you can think of a writer who is as different from Bukowski and Miller as the moon is from the sun. No more jokes about doing the field research, please!

Here is the link to "the Sur" chapter of "the Ampersand," and if you don’t have time to read all of it, searching the words “nipple” and “labia” will bring you to the narrative fragments I question. And I will need more language to go through the following episodes with actual sex scenes.

“Ampersand Kamchatka,” Plot:

Jon is in his mid-thirties, he got a material success but lost most of the reasons to live, questioning himself and the society, sinking into loneliness and despair, without any particular life trauma like death or divorce. In the beginning of the story, he drives from Santa Cruz to San Diego to commit himself to an experiment that involves quantum computing, bioengineering, and virtual reality. His suppressed inner femininity and interpersonal intimacy issues will be showing up throughout the story. Later he will find himself in the world populated by genetically-improved human species, exclusively female and a society governed by eros, not logos, yin, not yang, in the perfect dreamy “anima” utopia in Jungian words. His journey proceeds from existential suffering into healing and transformation. First, accepting what was forgotten, then challenged again with new kinds of questions and more doubt. His search is woven into a beauty of the futuristic world design, where ambiguity and contradictions interplay with mystery and the secrets of the past.


An "SMS poem" explores sexting and romance at the age of dating apps, deprived of voice and touch, and at a distance, a couple attempts to flatten their differences and fuel attraction, but mainly just playing with their “phone-screen personas.” Composed with laughter, CSS, and HTML code.


I’m finishing up with editing and producing a sum-up for a podcast with John Thomas Casey on “Astrology as Archetypal language”, it turns out to me pretty good, John is amazing as always!