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An “SMS poem” explores sexting and romance in the age of dating apps. Deprived of voice and touch, two people attempt to bridge their differences and fuel attraction, all while playing with their “phone-screen personas.” Composed with laughter, CSS, and HTML code, I aimed to create visually appealing speech bubbles that represent dialogue. These bubbles often include a tail or pointer extending from the bottom center, indicating the speaker or the direction of the speech. This visual element helps to connect the speech bubble to a specific character or speaker in illustrations or comics.

Hey, Haley

Hey, Haley!


Thanks for rocking my boat, flipping it over, making me sink in the sea of the half-earned sweat, slowly accepting that I never sailed

What else you got?


I won’t send you some dick pic because of that

So don’t get too excited…


Good fun

On second thought, I better send you the emojis user’s manual


But I want to see softness

Wait, I’m confused, is it feelings talk time?

Stop condescending

I want stability

Stability takes four legs

I need another pair

Why mine?

It’s plenty out there

I like that freaky mind attached to it

And a huge heart, that knows how to miss a beat

I dig that you believe in Soul

And all that New Age heavy carry

Until you find another fairy

I didn’t finish, Mrs. “I don’t trust you.”

And I thought we’ve settled for a muse


Come on! You are married to that view

I want you!

I can’t do neediness

And I can’t be needless

I have to use my strength

But not to pull your hair

Keep your space, but let me fully be there, when I’m there

Touch the paper my words are written over

Feel it’s texture, think about all that stupid wood

Just more words

Don’t be an asshole

Are you a getaway artist, by chance?

Looking for a safe place to dance

How many people are in this chat, hereby?

If you are both a solution and the problem, what am I?

I want you to come and collect your share, and then to come.

And then to come.

All many times you can bear.

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