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Moment of utter collapse, kafka

For a man who has been locked up in his “Hamlet isolation” for half a lifetime, the experience of human warmth and closeness is a reprieve from hell. If you can wait just a little longer when you reach the terrible moment of the dark night of the soul, the Easter music will burst forth.

Kafka once said, in a moment of anguish, that the Second Coming of Christ would happen the day after the end of the world. This is also true of that moment of utter collapse in a man of three-dimensional consciousness just before the first redemptive vision of four-dimensional consciousness breaks through. It is not uncommon for men to get stuck in this no-man’s land. It is a holy place but an exceedingly dangerous one. Suicide is common, and it is easy to slip into despair or the solace of madness (Kafka could not wait that one day, so he remained there). It is a high compliment that one should experience this existential anguish, but it is also a terrible danger.

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