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mass consumerism and excessive overconsumption

the acquisitive consumption, where things are acquired at a scale that exceeds one’s needs, or even one’s capacity to consume repetitive consumption describes the cycle of buying, discarding, and buying again aspirational consumption references the idea of conspicuous consumption amongst the rich, where competition and upward social mobility are the main drivers

Brown & Vergragt (2016)1 study mass consumerism and overconsumption … when consumerism is defined as an obsession with buying material goods or items, it becomes an engine of unsustainability

society needs more advocates for a consumer mindset of the wellbeing: caring for self, for community, and for nature

  1. Brown H. S., & Vergragt, P. J. (2016). From consumerism to wellbeing: toward a cultural transition? Journal of Cleaner Production132, 308-317↩︎