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#seriousman #indecision ✱ Robert A. Johnson

hamlet’s isolation, uncertain man

Hamlet, the very epitome of the uncertain man, cannot make up his mind whether to live or die! He cannot live; he dares not die. He tortures everyone around him, especially the women close to him, and makes life unbearable for himself. A lesser man might have burst his way out of the dilemma by killing the usurper uncle; a greater man might have withdrawn from the struggle and found a solution through fate and faith.

… when challenged about what he is doing, replies, “Words, words, words.” Three-dimensional men are often caught in words and are hesitant to act. At one point Hamlet cries, “Now to my word.” Another hero, Faust, will take up the problem of the word later and realize he must also act.

Killing and death are the result of Hamlet’s efforts to avoid a decision that would have cost him only a fraction of the final cost.

complex man in hamlet