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#embodiment ✱ Edward Maupin

experience link sense of physical presence

embodiment - a state in which every aspect of experience maintains some link with one’s sense of physical presence, or “lived body,” it is not restricted to any one aspect of experience, not limited to internal experience or subjective awareness, but includes the external sense of the objective world still linked with on-going here-and-now physical process. The lived body is not separate from the mind or intellect. One can think as well as feel, act as well as introspect, in an embodied manner … the lived body becomes real to us in many different ways: for some it is a profound existential realization, for others it is the discovery that they are carrying emotions and feelings of which they had previously been unaware. In one way or another the body becomes Real as something other than a physical object which the mind happens to be wearing

becoming aware of your living process