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Ellipsis Chapter 9

The music plays softly and the light from the candles lit the room just barely, I feel good about the vibe. I enter, she looks me up and down, bitting her lower lip. I raise my shoulders and stroll past her towards the window sill. She turns to watch my hips start swaying to the beat. I look around to find her face, picking up the pace, swinging my shoulders back and forth, bouncing my knees, tossing my hair from side to side. Her eyes slides over me again, she steps up, touching my arms and quickly moves in with her hands on my hips.

We step close, our breaths touching, her mouth waiting almost like a question. I rub hands on her shoulders. She drops into the bed behind and I hover over. She pulls me in harder with her strong arms until I cover her with my body, her ankles latching behind my thighs. She tilts her head back, exposing her neck. I touch it with my face moving up. She raises and throughs me into the bed, standing over, then sits where my hipbone pushes out with all her weight. My pelvis sink inside her. I feel her body trembling over my bones. She leans in lips first. I tilt back, our faces apart, our eyes locked. She uses the moment to take off her top, revealing the sports bra. I gaze up at her hard body, as she tosses the shirt aside. She leans in again and kisses my face. She hangs over and then steps back, stretches the band of her yoga-pants and slowly pulls them off revealing plain purple undies. I remain in my seat watching her as she throws the pants in another direction, moves forward and leans over, I bring my arms around her back and our lips connect. She kisses my neck running her fingers down my clothed leg, pinches my backside, then walks her fingers across my leg and slides her hand between my thighs. I sigh and lay on my back as she kneads between my legs. I stroke her hair, then rub her shoulder, we kiss again, our bodies rolling against one another, moving together and apart, our legs intertwine. I breathe faster, it gets hot, I can feel the sweat soaking into my clothes. I grab her thighs and try to roll her over, to manoeuvre myself out from under, but she remains on top. She sits up on my hips sliding her hands down my pumping chest, she leans in and puts her tongue back in my mouth. She slowly lifts the bottom of my shirt then quickly pulls it off exposing my breasts, removes her own bra and hovers back over. She rubs her thumb along my lips and puts it in my mouth. Her head leans close, her hair dangles over my face, tickling my nose, I brush her hair behind her ear and look into her face, her blue eyes.

She put her lips to my lips, we kiss. I run my fingers along her back. She moves down, her soft hair and warm mouth trailing my skin, exploring my breasts with tiny kisses, grazing her chin over my ribs, snuggle her face into my stomach. I tingle, as she moves lower down my waist and stops at the bras button of my jeans, slipping her fingers under the waistband, then unbuttons my pants, she begins pulling them off and seem to find it more tricky than she expected. She works slowly, and stops to kiss the recovered surface of my legs, she passes my knees and brings the pants all the way down, as I shift to help her free my feet. She pulls off my knickers, uses her fingertips, then her palm, I respond rubbing against her wrist. She lowers her head to my lap and nuzzles between my legs, grapples my hips. I close my eyes, my mouth opens, my breath strokes short and patchy. My whole body tenses, I press my thighs together squeezing her head that works hard. I loose my vision, and the music in the room seems to go on mute for a moment.

She kneels up and wipes her mouth as my sight recovers, she gazes at my face that must look so damn out of that world right now. I feel cold, confused and somewhat mislaid, my knees still wide open, I don’t know what I do now, where I put my body, should I cover myself, or dress up. Do I kiss her, do I want to kiss her? What is the protocol, what does she expects me to do? Luckily rhythm and melody of the music rejoins with my finishing thoughts, I feel warmer. I notice that she stares at the door with a frisky smile, her mouth half dropped, she moves her gaze at me. I realise that I hear another sound over the tribal house track that gently pumps from the walls of the small room. Someone repeatedly knocks on the door.