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yoga sutra biography clipping

A comprehensive guide into Hindu texts in the beginning of the Chapter 2

Ramachandra Chaudhari became Mahatma Ramchandraji Maharaj, cosharer of the office of pir with his master’s brother. At once a Hindu householder, the master of a Muslim religious order,  a tax collector for the British Raj, and a budding yoga practitioner, Ramachandra founded a school that he would later call Ananda Yoga (“Yoga of Beatitude”) in the first decade of the twentieth century. - Chapter 8

Sufi practices as visualization (muraqaba) and “the science hidden in the breast” (ilm-i-sina) - Chapter 8

chanting, unnecessary tradition, Chapter 12

two Jews three opinions, buddhist roots of Y.S., the last Chapter

shankarananda poem

a long line of yoga dilettantes

metaphysics and ancient indian philosophy

maharishi in yoga sutra biography

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