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10 notes tagged "seriousman"

  1. new faculty of four-dimensional consciousness  
    Every man of consciousness is somewhere on this journey, and it is of immeasurable help to know where you are on the scale of evolution. Almost all
    journey seriousman suffering simpleman aging
  2. holding onto helen’s garment  
    It is the universal experience of one on the path to grasp at the tools of genius when he encounters these sublime realms. Pain often compels us to
    artist seriousman egocentric archetypes
  3. comments from tolstoy and blyth  
    Tolstoy wrote about suffering: “He was suffering the anguish men suffer when they persist in undertaking a task impossible for them–not from its
    suffering seriousman
  4. in the beginning was the act  
    When Faust changes his translation of the beginning line of the Gospel (John 1:1) from “In the beginning was the Word” to “In the beginning was the
    christian shadow seriousman
  5. anima and animus in hamlet  
    “He who understands the masculine and keeps to the feminine shall become the whole world’s channel. Eternal virtue shall not depart from him and he
    anima seriousman womanly
  6. hamlet’s isolation, uncertain man  
    Hamlet, the very epitome of the uncertain man, cannot make up his mind whether to live or die! He cannot live; he dares not die. He tortures
    seriousman indecision
  7. Moment of utter collapse, kafka  
    For a man who has been locked up in his “Hamlet isolation” for half a lifetime, the experience of human warmth and closeness is a reprieve from
    solitude suffering seriousman
  8. complex man in hamlet  
    Shakespeare defined complex man with unerring accuracy in Hamlet. a stage higher on the evolutionary scale represented by H., the worried, anxious,
    seriousman suffering existential opposition triplicity fourfold
  9. hamlet’s failure to incorporate shadow  
    Hamlet’s basic error was his failure to incorporate his shadow or dark side into his working life … to acknowledge as an ally the “red blood” of his
    seriousman shadow
  10. hamlet as prototype of a modern man  
    A few moments before his death, Hamlet comes to an awareness of a consciousness beyond his neurotic split and indecision (that which is greater than
    seriousman indecision meaning

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