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  1. pip-boy
    The Fallout franchise, known for its blend of post-nuclear apocalypse and 1950s American nostalgia, critiques consumer culture. However, its TV adaptation prioritizes spectacle over depth, lacking the philosophical substance of sci-fi greats like Dune or works by Philip K. Dick.
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  2. visual manipulation flattens the imagination
    In creative work, a powerful identification and projection takes place; the entire bodily and mental constitution of the maker becomes the site of
    #imagination #creative #sensory #embodiment
  3. the embassy network
    The Embassy Network is a network of place-based communities experimenting with new forms of governance and solidarity. It is a Community of
    #coliving #future #governance #iterative #creative
  4. thrashing
    In Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?”, the focus is on becoming a linchpin—a person who adds unique value to their organization
    #resistance #creative #coaching
  5. handwritten or typewritten journaling
    I might say that handwritten journals excel at rereading. Holding an object that is an evidence of time, an example of craft, and a symbol of
    #journaling #creative #somatic #diaries
  6. work on one person myself
    I work on the one person I can work on, myself, to try to render myself more amenable to creative living in the presence of change, ambiguity, and
    #creative #courage #change
  7. well-trod paths of others
    too many of us spend years, even decades, in pursuit of someone else’s plan for our one precious life … a gap in our lives between where we find
  8. oppening up too soon
    practicing man
    #poetry #resistance #vulnerability #creative #artist
  9. practicing man 
    Resistance to act initially protects one's uniqueness. Vulnerability is redefined as a strength in the artistic process, enabling communication and trust with inner signals. Mastery emerges through daily practice, as the artist climbs inner mountains, embracing self-discovery, and cultivating meaning. It's about giving oneself permission, embracing vulnerability, and finding belonging in the process of selfless service
    #poetry #resistance #vulnerability #creative #artist
  10. spiritual tourism 
    Intrinsic motivation and spontaneity thrive through self-expression and creativity, akin to art. The pursuit of answers to the wrong questions can lead to existential anguish. Escaping the confines of normalcy, one explores spirituality but may get lost in literalism. To connect with the inner creative, language must be learned, grounding spirituality in everyday life, embracing the sacred in the ordinary, aiming for self-realization.
    #spirituality #learning #creative #belonging #normalcy
  11. creative dance of contradictions
    “a creature of many contradictions and a protean shapeshifter if there ever was one—said that he often reflected upon the many “selves” that he had
    #creative #autotelic #imagination
  12. four-stage creative process model
    traditional four-stage model is far too simplistic … The Art of Thought, British social psychologist Graham Wallas, proposed that the creative
    #creative #fourfold
  13. creative work brings disparate elements together
    Creative people are hubs of diverse interests, influences, behaviors, qualities, and ideas—and through their work, they find a way to bring these
    #creative #quotes
  14. toggling between imaginative and rational
    fiction-writing process (research conducted on a group of novelists) as a “voyage of discovery” that begins with a seed incident—an event or
    #creative #imagination #experiential

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